Atlantic35 wird als Teil des von Philipp Fleischmann kuratierten Programms im Rahmen des Europäischen Kurzfilmnetzwerks bei 5 Filmfestivals gezeigt:

Two analog film programs for a European Festival Tour

We are beyond excited to have been invited to curate two analog film programs for the ESFN – the European Short Film Network. The program, which includes works by our alumni from the last 17 years, can be seen at the following European film festivals: Go Short, Oberhausen, Indie Lisboa, Vienna Shorts, Uppsala Short and Short Waves, Poland. Curated by Philipp Fleischmann.
The ‚School for Independent Film‚ is a unique place in the world for people of different origins, social backgrounds and ages to meet and learn about the art form of analog film. It is based on Dante’s quote „WHERE WHAT IS WILLED MUST BE“. This means that an imagination, a passionate interest in a subject and its realization on analog film material is the main focus. For 17 years, the school has been promoting the artistic practice of filmmakers and offering exchange and dialogue with acclaimed film artists, thereby shaping an entire generation of analog filmmakers. 
The two programs show film works by film school graduates on Super-8, 16-mm and 35-mm film. A cinema of deeply personal and formally independent expression.

Join us!

„Many thanks to everyone making this possible, the ESFN, ViennaShorts, Filmmuseum and all the wonderful filmmakers!“ (Philipp Fleischmann)